Netrunner LCG Regional Championship

Date(s) - 06/24/2017
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Format: Formal with advanced structure event using the standard tournament rules

Time: Registration begins at 10AM, tournament starts at 11AM

Entry: $15 Pre-register to secure your spot!

Free entry for the following people:
-Former Regional champions (2014 & after)
-Former North-American champions
-Former National champions
-Former World champions
In order to get free entry, be sure to send an email to before June 23rd at noon stating which tournament you won & the year.

Prizes: Fabulous swag from the official FFG Regional kit (pictured below) as well as some exclusive items provided by Black Moon Games!

Please make sure you bring all required materials to play, as well as a decklist. If you do not fill out a decklist in advance, show up early enough to fill one out prior to 11AM.